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What's in store for 2017?

By: Terry Moseley  


Hopefully, Pioneer Electric’s 2017 will be a repeat of 2016. Last year, the cooperative returned over $800,000 to our members in various discounts, rebates and Capital Credit repayments. Most importantly we maintained rates while simultaneously building nearly 200 new services, improving our electric system’s right-of-way, adding more remote control devices and replacing nearly 700 yard lights with more efficient LED lighting.


The New Year brings a 3mil discount on your residential bill for the months of January through March. That means a $3 savings for every 1,000 kilo-watt-hours you use during these peak usage months. Your savings will be shown as a line item on your February through April bills.


March 2017 will make the third consecutive year of Capital Credit repayments. The method for paying these credits is termed “FIFO” or First In First Out. Members who have been served by Pioneer Electric the longest will get their funds repaid first. In 2017, the members from 1985 will receive checks. Each year, we have individuals that we have trouble locating due to out of date contact information. So, in late summer please watch the Pioneer Electric website ( and our edition of Alabama Living magazine, both featuring a complete list of unclaimed Capital Credits. 


The big plan for the summer is to stress safety and to prepare for the possibility of bad weather, especially for potential hurricanes. Pioneer’s employees are ready to serve 24/7 when the power is out, but we also work daily to prevent power outages.  Should an outage occur, you can always call our outage hotline at 1-800-533-0323 or text OUT to 85700 (outage texting should be set up prior to use by texting PEC to 85700 after your cell number is in our system. Please contact our office during normal business hours if you need assistance with this program). 


Mid-summer starts with Annual Meeting preparations and setting up the elections process by planning for mailing ballots and counting votes. The meeting is always the Saturday before the third Wednesday of October. This year, it will be on October 14, 2017.  Updates will be posted in the magazine and on our website during the months leading up to the event. 


Plans are also in the works to rebate 2009’s Tax Rebate again in October 2017. The dollar amount to be rebated is approximately $120,000, which will bring the annual return total in 2017 to approximately $830,000.


That brings me back to 2017 looking a lot like 2016. Thanks for being active in our cooperative.


Terry Moseley serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Pioneer Electric Cooperative. This article was originally published in the Pioneer Electric edition of Alabama Living magazine in January 2017. 

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