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The excitement of Summer months

Is your air conditioner straining to meet your cooling needs? Are your ceiling and/or floor fans moving hot air around the room, or is it so hot you are outside swatting gnats and mosquitoes in search of a cool spot to relax? A cold cola, iced tea or glass of water may be the only relief available during these dog-days of summer. Best wishes for finding some comfort during July 2017.

Some relish the summer season in spite of the heat, humidity and nuisance of aggressive insects.  Farm fresh produce like peaches, peas, potatoes, corn and watermelons are ripening for harvest, and just in time for our country’s most important holiday, “Independence Day”.  Still others look forward to a break from school or work in the form of a vacation, reunion or relaxing getaway.  If you are like me, when the fish are biting, I’m happy to be fishing, and there’s nothing better than fried Bream (“Brim” in South Alabama) or Bass.

Summer’s heat also means the potential for lightning and power outages, but you can rest assured that Pioneer is prepared to respond to your call for help. Summer also marks the beginning of Pioneer’s preparation for our Annual Membership Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, October 14th.  We start with Nominating Committee meetings to make sure we have candidates for each district up for election. We then work with the Credentials and Election Committee to prepare for the election process, which includes hiring an accounting firm to count the votes.  Keep an eye on our Alabama Living magazine or the Pioneer website for details of the upcoming annual meeting.

As a Pioneer Electric member, you should plan to attend due to the importance of your being involved in the operation of your cooperative.  The gates will open around 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 14th. . Prior to the meeting,  you can interact with Pioneer’s employees and Board members to gain a better understanding of how the co-op functions.  Local musicians will perform and hot air balloon rides will be available for your entertainment. The Board will conduct a short business meeting, discuss the financial affairs of the co-op, and announce the results of the election. Come be a part of this event and you ‘ll be home in time for your favorite college football game.

Did I fail to mention the favorite part of the meeting for most members? Every member receives a prize for being present. In addition, you will be entered into a drawing for additional door prizes to be awarded.  Best of all, when all of the door prizes have been awarded, we put all of the tickets back into the bowl for 11 electricity rebate drawings.  The final ticket drawn wins a FREE year’s worth of electricity valued at $2,232.  Did I mention you must be present to win?

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual meeting on October 14th. It just may be your year to win the Free electricity.

Terry Moseley serves as the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Pioneer Electric Cooperative. This article was originally published in the Pioneer Electric edition of Alabama Living magazine in July 2017. 

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